Google Chrome OS

July 9, 2009

I’ll be as brief as Google is in the official Google blog. They are creating an OS that while overlaps Android in areas, it takes a different approach. It will be built on top of Linux but have a Google windowing system. The main focus of the OS is speed, security, being as light weight as possible, and being as web centric as possible. They are basically taking all of their online “OS” features and creating them into an actual OS. chromeos

All i can say is finally, i will admit, i basically live on various Google applications. I think if i could be transported to my Gmail inbox, i would be alright… Anyways, this should be fairly interesting regardless, and knowing Google they should do a pretty good job, and should put up a pretty good fight against the Ubuntu misguidedness… WE WILL SURE SEE

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Microsoft Changes Live Search to “Bing”

June 6, 2009

Bing, its Microsoft’s new effort to battle the giant Google. They have spent in the area of 90 million dollars on an ad campaign promoting Bing. Their goal here is not to go head to head with Ask, Yahoo, or Google, but to convince people of all of what they have been missing. Even though its Microsoft own data, they have figured that 42% of all searches are unsuccessful in the first query. Microsoft’s answer to this is their “related categories”, for example if your searching for a game, you might find prices, reviews, and other related information in the related category.


Oddly enough, i found it in ad-words above my inbox. Also not so sure of the “decision engine” slogan, to me it sounds like they are trying to take the searcher out of the equation, how ever that works. However, it does seem fairly interesting, and they are making the jump straight to the whole “media search”, where as Google right now has their different labs in which features like what Bing includes are offered. So, will Bing revolution internet searching and topple Google? who know, maybe, but more than likely not..

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Google Android’s Lack of Multi-Touch

February 12, 2009

Yes, and the reason comes out. One of the largest complaints with the G1, first phone based on Google’s Android platform, is that it doesn’t have multi-touch and Android is very multi-touch capable. Well, now there is a reason for the exclusion of the technology and simply put, Apple asked them to. Something many don’t realize is that Apple and Google are quite intertwined, google tailors a lot of its products to the Apple iPhone and Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, is on Apple’s board of directors. As well, the Android team was quite happy to learn of the exclusion, via the legal battle that would more than likely ensue.


Right, so Apple obviously has a myriad of patents under its belt, but so does Google, and so does Palm. Palm??? yeah, Palm, they are in it pretty deep with Apple right now over the whole multi-touch ordeal and their new phone. After a little searching and reading, Apples patents really only seem to apply to one of the specific motions involved in the multi-touch interface. I’m sure at some point there will be an agreement, even more so because Intel is planning to use the Android platform in its upcoming netbook, and multi-touch will be a large part of the package, but i guess we’ll wait and see.

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Google introduces Mobile Search with My Location

September 12, 2008

It appears that Google has introduced a new service, called Mobile Search with My Location. With this service, it’s possible for users of Mobile Devices to perform a local search in their location. It uses the Gears Geolocation API to detect your location, and then shows search results in that location.

This service is now available for the US and the UK. Just go to with a mobile device, and choose the option ‘My Location’.

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