A Look At Some Lesser Known Video Search Engines

July 17, 2009


Are you in need of some video inspiration? Tired of the same old video search engines you’ve been using all these years? Let’s have a look at a few video and multimedia search engines that may help you with some fresh ideas for your upcoming creation. We’ll leave out the usual suspects and take a look at some you probably weren’t even aware of.

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0 A.D. Video Game Goes Open Source

July 12, 2009


In a surprise move by development group Wildfire Games, their long-standing strategy game project, 0 A.D., has just been re-licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. Additionally, all game content and art is being released under the terms of the popular Creative Commons license.

0 A.D. is a historically-centric real time strategy game which is slated for release on multiple platforms including Linux and Windows. The game has been in closed development since 2001, but the developers felt they could make more progress by removing licensing barriers to attract fresh manpower to the project. Indeed, this decision may bode well for the project, significantly advancing both the speed of progress and the size of their user base.

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Google Chrome OS

July 9, 2009

I’ll be as brief as Google is in the official Google blog. They are creating an OS that while overlaps Android in areas, it takes a different approach. It will be built on top of Linux but have a Google windowing system. The main focus of the OS is speed, security, being as light weight as possible, and being as web centric as possible. They are basically taking all of their online “OS” features and creating them into an actual OS. chromeos

All i can say is finally, i will admit, i basically live on various Google applications. I think if i could be transported to my Gmail inbox, i would be alright… Anyways, this should be fairly interesting regardless, and knowing Google they should do a pretty good job, and should put up a pretty good fight against the Ubuntu misguidedness… WE WILL SURE SEE

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