Street Fighter 4 Gameplay Screenshots

November 26, 2008

kotaku have posted some Street Fighter IV (4) gameplay screenshots! The graphics look very artistic and cool, definitely check them out! Its set for release next year (20th February 2009) on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Samsung NC10 Netbook In Black

November 25, 2008

MobileComputerMag have posted some amazing hands-on shots Samsung NC10 netbook in black! Looks to be the best out of all netbooks! Its finding its way on to UK stores for £299 (

We can confirm that the black model is definitely better looking than the white, with the silver accents looking right at home against the matte black finish. Unsurprisingly, the gloss black lid is a finger print magnet but on the whole the black NC10 looks like it means business.

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Playstation Home, It’s Getting Closer!

November 24, 2008

Sony have given Playstation Home its very own website over at! Home recently expanded its closed beta, opening its doors to a further 100,000 users. Hopefully if everything goes well we could see a open beta before the end of 2008.

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Apple release update for glass Trackpad Macbooks

November 18, 2008

Apple has released a firmware update for the glass Trackpad on the new generation Macbook and Macbook Pro. Many users had reported an issue where the Trackpad didn’t recognize the input regularly.

The update can be installed through Software Update, and the actual installation of the firmware update requires the Macbook to be connected to AC power.

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Superspeed USB 3.0 Specification Officially Released

November 17, 2008

USB 2.0 is getting upgraded to USB 3.0! Simply it means is you get faster transfer speeds (up-to 10 times)! USB 3.0 also offers backwards compatibility with all existing USB/2.0 devices e.g. storage, docks etc. OK, so now your wondering now what next? well now you play the waiting game! The specs have been released but we won’t actually see any consumer devices until 2010 (maybe late 2009)!

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CHIEFTEC Gets Confused

November 12, 2008

CHEIFTEC decided it would be a good idea to attach a monitor to your case. That pretty much sums up all that is going on here. On a side note, i think we have those, and they are called laptops. Seriously though, i really have no idea what they were thinking here, not only is it very aesthetically unpleasing, it just doesn’t make any sense.

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London At Night From Space

November 11, 2008

Pretty cool picture of London, England! taken by astronaut Donald Pettit after 7.22pm on a cloudy night February 4, 2003. Jump for some more pictures for other cities.

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AVG virus definition update cripples Windows PC’s

November 11, 2008

A recent update in the virus definitions of AVG causes a critical file, user32.dll, to be detected as a virus. As a result, the affected computers running Windows XP keep rebooting right before the log-on screen appears.

AVG recommends affected users to boot into Safe Mode, restore the user32.dll file from the Windows CD, or from a website and temporarily remove AVG until an update addresses the issue.

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Microsoft releases patch for Windows Mobile e-mail bug

November 11, 2008

Microsoft has released a patch that addresses an bug with the e-mail feature of Windows Mobile 6.1, causing an error message when sending e-mail messages. This problem is caused by the Alternate SMTP server feature. When there’s no server specified, it then tries to connect to a nameless server.

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iPhone 3G best sold phone in the US

November 11, 2008

According to the NPD group, Apple’s iPhone 3G is the best sold phone in the United States, passing the Motorola Razr V3 that used to be #1 for three years in a row.

The NPD also notes that the average amount of sold mobile devices is 10% less, compared to the same period last year. The average price of mobile devices has increased with 6%.

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