Gears of War Xbox 360 Review

June 12, 2007

Guns, guts and aliens, what more could you ask for? Gears of War delivers on all three, and does it fantastically. Even without a High-Def TV this game has mind-blowing graphics, from the incredible details on the landscape to the skin details on the characters, you can even see wrinkles that move with their face! The physics in the game are top-notch thanks to the Unreal 3 engine used to create all the effects.

The game really earned the 18 rating it received with the graphic gore contained within, like one of your guns has a chainsaw bayonet that, you guessed it, cuts the enemy in half.Not only does blood spray the surrounding area but also the game screen for a few seconds. Even the cutscenes use the in-game graphics and without a High-Def TV this game looks almost real. This is a game where you could literally spend all day admiring the graphics, even standing on a pier in the middle of a rainstorm with water below you will give you an unforgettable experience.

gears of war xbox 360

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