A Look At Some Lesser Known Video Search Engines

July 17, 2009


Are you in need of some video inspiration? Tired of the same old video search engines you’ve been using all these years? Let’s have a look at a few video and multimedia search engines that may help you with some fresh ideas for your upcoming creation. We’ll leave out the usual suspects and take a look at some you probably weren’t even aware of.

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Optimized Kernels for Debian “Lenny”

June 24, 2009

Hardwareforums.com kernels

Hardwareforums.com is now hosting architecturally-optimized Linux kernels! Currently we’re packaging custom kernels for Debian “Lenny”, which should also work with many Debian-derivative distributions of Linux. These kernels are based off of the latest stable source from kernel.org, and will be updated as frequently as schedules allow. There are some advantages to running a custom Linux kernel, but also some disadvantages which should be taken into account.

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Security hole in Adobe Flash allows recording of video

September 29, 2008

A security hole found in the Adobe Flash software allows people to stream movies from online distributors at no cost! This includes giants like Amazon.com and its online rental service.

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