Microsoft Suggests Avoiding IE For Now

December 17, 2008 is reporting on Microsoft’s humiliating decision to recommend that its customers forgo the use of Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer product. They are instead suggesting that Windows users make use of a more secure browser such as Firefox or Opera until they are able to patch the latest serious vulnerability in IE.

From the article:

The flaw in IE allows criminals to gain control of computers that have visited a website infected with malicious code designed to exploit it. While restricting web surfing to trusted sites should reduce the risk of infection, the malicious code can be injected into any website. Users do not have to click or download anything to become infected, merely visiting an infected website is sufficient.

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AVG virus definition update cripples Windows PC’s

November 11, 2008

A recent update in the virus definitions of AVG causes a critical file, user32.dll, to be detected as a virus. As a result, the affected computers running Windows XP keep rebooting right before the log-on screen appears.

AVG recommends affected users to boot into Safe Mode, restore the user32.dll file from the Windows CD, or from a website and temporarily remove AVG until an update addresses the issue.

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WPA2 Personal Cracked, Russian Company Claims

October 13, 2008

The Russian based security firm ElcomSoft is claiming to be able to crack WPA2 Personal wireless authentication security in a matter of weeks rather than years. According to their press release, they’ve employed purpose-written software which is powered with a backend of clustered, commodity-grade NVIDIA GPUs.

This all sounds rather alarming at face value. But how effective would their methods be in real-life application? Read on for my dissection of this development.

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