Toshiba Launches NB100 Netbook in UK

September 18, 2008

Toshba have entered the Netbook market with the NB100. Comes with a choice of Windows Xp Home or Ubuntu as the operating system, it should be priced at around £260.


  • 1.6-GHz Intel Atom
  • up to 1 GB RAM
  • 120-GB hard drive
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Three USB ports
  • 8.9 inches display
  • 3 hours and 47 minutes Battery life (Source: Shiny Shiny)

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ASUS ships cracking software with recovery DVDs

September 18, 2008

A reader of the magazine PC Pro has found some cracking software, confidential files of ASUS employees and the source code of various ASUS applications on the recovery DVDs of Windows Vista.


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Dell’s Mini 9 netbook unboxing on video

September 13, 2008

Over at Gadgetspot sport there they’ve done a unboxing video for the new Dell Mini 9 netbook. First impressions suggest its worth a look before making your next purchase.

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HP EliteBook 6930p breaks the 24-hour Battery Life Barrier

September 10, 2008

24 hours, pretty good benchmark to reach for a laptop don’t you think? It’s exactly what the HP EliteBook 6930p can manage up to! It utilises the newer SSD hard disks that add 7 percent to battery life because of lower power consumption requirements. They’ve also added the option of mercury-free LED screen (14.1-inch) which add another 4 hours to the battery life.

  • Use an HP EliteBook 6930p continuously on the world’s longest scheduled commercial airline flight – linking Newark Liberty International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport – approximately 18 hours, 40 minutes.
  • Take more than 10 trips on the EuroStar train between London and Paris – approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes each direction – before recharging the battery.
  • Travel as a passenger by car from Maine to Florida using a notebook during the entire journey.

Looks like to get the target of 24 hours you need to purchase the ultra-capacity battery, upgrade to the LED display and 80 gigabyte version of the SSD.

Should be avliable in October some time.