The Evernote “Seven Ate Nine” Party

June 23, 2009


It seems not every company in Silicon Valley is struggling in today’s sluggish economy. Evernote, the mutli-platform note-taking company with the slogan “Remember everything”, is throwing a party this July in the San Francisco bay area. The party, to take place on 07/08/09 (hence the silly mnemonic), is open to all comers, and they even be giving away free drinks. If you’re going to be in the bay area anyway, this might be worth a look.

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London At Night From Space

November 11, 2008

Pretty cool picture of London, England! taken by astronaut Donald Pettit after 7.22pm on a cloudy night February 4, 2003. Jump for some more pictures for other cities.

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Sarah Palin – The Video Game

November 3, 2008

If you haven’t already it, you should listen to this prank phone call made by an Canadian duo to Sara Palin, was quite funny, luckily enough for McCain she didn’t say anything to damage their campaign for the White House. Anyway to the point and the reason I wanted to write this post is because quite ingeniously Comedy Central have turned it into a video game in no time, great time waster!

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DSL Extreme – Customer Service Is Not In Your Contract (but a $250 cancellation fee is)

October 3, 2008

Who knows DSL Extreme better than me? Probably not very many people. I’ve been with DSLE with various accounts since 2000. I’m also a 10-year IT vet that happens to know a lot about networking — not that I expect you to believe “Mr. Random Internets Guy” about his geek cred, but there it is.

DSLE has had their boneheaded technical issues in the past, certainly. But I hate big telco, so I’ve tried to be a faithful customer. Incidentally, I just started as a sysadmin in the silicon valley area of Northern California, USA. There’s obviously a lot of tech here, which means a lot of ISP’s. Even so, I tried to keep DSLE in the spirit of supporting the little guy, and because your don’t have to be a lawyer to understand their fair access policy. As history will show, that turned out to be a mistake…

The numbers speak for themselves.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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Playstation 3 warranty replacement

August 2, 2008

Yep, that’s right my PlayStation 3 has failed twice, with the second replacement on its the way already. First time round I got the flashing red light of death, second time the screen started to crazy with all kinds of different colors and lines (over heating issue) and before you ask! yes its well ventilated consider its sitting on its own away from other hardware.

The first one did last for around 11 months, it was left folding when idle but once GTA4 was played, it died. Second one started to crash a lot when GTA4 was played on it, eventually died again. So don’t know who to blame the recent heat wave in the UK or GTA4?

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The Premature Death of PATA

October 25, 2006

Am I the only one who’s noticing the rapid push to get parallel ATA drives out of sight? While it shouldn’t be any surprise that it’s happening, the timing is what’s troubling. Many people have perfectly good PATA drives that have a decent capacity, yet Intel’s new ICH8 southbridge is devoid of any PATA support. Serial ATA ports have been bumped up to six instead of the four found on ICH6/ICH6R and ICH7/ICH7R.

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