A Look At Some Lesser Known Video Search Engines

July 17, 2009


Are you in need of some video inspiration? Tired of the same old video search engines you’ve been using all these years? Let’s have a look at a few video and multimedia search engines that may help you with some fresh ideas for your upcoming creation. We’ll leave out the usual suspects and take a look at some you probably weren’t even aware of.

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Google Chrome OS

July 9, 2009

I’ll be as brief as Google is in the official Google blog. They are creating an OS that while overlaps Android in areas, it takes a different approach. It will be built on top of Linux but have a Google windowing system. The main focus of the OS is speed, security, being as light weight as possible, and being as web centric as possible. They are basically taking all of their online “OS” features and creating them into an actual OS. chromeos

All i can say is finally, i will admit, i basically live on various Google applications. I think if i could be transported to my Gmail inbox, i would be alright… Anyways, this should be fairly interesting regardless, and knowing Google they should do a pretty good job, and should put up a pretty good fight against the Ubuntu misguidedness… WE WILL SURE SEE

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Nvidia to enter Netbook market with Ion Platform

December 18, 2008

Nvidia will enter the netbook market next year, with their new platform called Ion! which combines their Geforce 9400M chipset with Intel’s Atom processor. It should end-up replacing the GMA 945 chipset currently found in netbooks.

Simply, it will make netbooks that little bit more capable, possibly allowing users to run more intensive applications, operating systems, play HD videos or even make light use of photoshop.

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Microsoft Suggests Avoiding IE For Now

December 17, 2008

Guardian.co.uk is reporting on Microsoft’s humiliating decision to recommend that its customers forgo the use of Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer product. They are instead suggesting that Windows users make use of a more secure browser such as Firefox or Opera until they are able to patch the latest serious vulnerability in IE.

From the article:

The flaw in IE allows criminals to gain control of computers that have visited a website infected with malicious code designed to exploit it. While restricting web surfing to trusted sites should reduce the risk of infection, the malicious code can be injected into any website. Users do not have to click or download anything to become infected, merely visiting an infected website is sufficient.

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BenQ Joybook U101 (Netbook) launched

December 1, 2008

BenQ have launched Joybook Lite U101 (Netbook), it comes with the standard specs you will find in most netbooks. You can grab for just over $500 in Taiwan, quite expensive compare to other netbooks! availability else where unknown.

  • Intel N270 CPU processor
  • Windows XP Home
  • 10.1-inch 16:9 LED screen / 8ms response time
  • Weight 1.1kg
  • HDD and SSD hard drive support

You ain’t no tech company if you haven’t launched your very own netbook, thoughts?

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Samsung NC10 Netbook In Black

November 25, 2008

MobileComputerMag have posted some amazing hands-on shots Samsung NC10 netbook in black! Looks to be the best out of all netbooks! Its finding its way on to UK stores for £299 (Play.com).

We can confirm that the black model is definitely better looking than the white, with the silver accents looking right at home against the matte black finish. Unsurprisingly, the gloss black lid is a finger print magnet but on the whole the black NC10 looks like it means business.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and the ASUS N10 reviewed

November 10, 2008

Dell Mini 9 and the ASUS N10 netbooks have been reviewed by register hardware! They seem to like the Mini 9, calling it the “nicest netbook out there” but does come with a two year 3g contract! I personally like the Samsung NC10 which many reports suggest has excellent battery life. Jump for the full reviews.

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WPA2 Personal Cracked, Russian Company Claims

October 13, 2008

The Russian based security firm ElcomSoft is claiming to be able to crack WPA2 Personal wireless authentication security in a matter of weeks rather than years. According to their press release, they’ve employed purpose-written software which is powered with a backend of clustered, commodity-grade NVIDIA GPUs.

This all sounds rather alarming at face value. But how effective would their methods be in real-life application? Read on for my dissection of this development.

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Samsung NC10 netbook will cost £299

October 2, 2008

According to some leaked information the price of Samsung NC10 netbook will be reduced to £299, down from £329! It will also have the hard drive sized increased from 80GB to 160GB! Samsung probably will be the best buy when it hits the stores later this month, thoughts?

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Security hole in Adobe Flash allows recording of video

September 29, 2008

A security hole found in the Adobe Flash software allows people to stream movies from online distributors at no cost! This includes giants like Amazon.com and its online rental service.

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