Use NoScript to protect yourself from Clickjacking

September 26, 2008

With all the hubbub about Clickjacking (gag, buzzwords!), I thought it would be valuable to write a brief article on the topic.

What it is

Details are still being suppressed at this point, but it appears to be an IFRAME manipulation used to effectively cover a normal web link with a trusted site that appears good and proper, with a bad one to an attacker site. That is, in its currently disclosed form. The implication is that it could potentially be a lot nastier, maybe even 100% automated. In any case, this attack could conceivably be used for phishing or host exploitation.

Who it affects

Basically, any modern browser which supports IFRAMEs. This includes any reasonably current versions of IE, Firefox/Mozilla, Safari, Flock, Opera, etc. So, pretty much everybody. It doesn’t include browsers which don’t support IFRAMEs, such as lynx or elinks.

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Motherboard Troubleshooting Guide

October 19, 2004

It seems like every hardware community I go to on-line has a newbie (aka n00b) that has trouble setting up or troubleshooting a motherboard. There is a way to do this, but many folks simply don’t know the proper procedure to do so.

That’s where this little guide comes in. It’s not going to cover manufacuter-specific problems, although I will drop names. It will not address issues specific to particular motherboards either, as you could write volumes on these. This is more or less a list of standard things to do when setting up or troubleshooting a motherboard.

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