Apple Magic Mouse Reviewed

October 31, 2009

Apple has always been known for their unique mice. To date, the have all had just one button, and were designed to be user friendly. The last mouse released by Apple was the Mighty Mouse. It had a soft scrolling ball, buttons on the side (to activate Exposé), and one button that could sense with which finger you are pressing it. Now Apple comes forward with a new mouse: the Magic Mouse. We have it, so it’s time for a review!


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Apple unveils Snow Leopard and new iPhone

June 8, 2009


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 in San Francisco has started. There was a keynote, as usual, a few hours ago. New Products have been announced. Here’s a list of the important stuff:

  • New 15″ Macbook Pro. This one has an SD-card slot, and a battery that keeps the MBP running for 7 hours when fully charged.
  • The 13″ Macbook is now replaced by a 13″ Macbook Pro. This one also includes Firewire 800.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is going to be launched in September this year.
  • The iPhone OS 3.0 is going to be launched on the 17th of June. It’s a free upgrade for all iPhones, and costs $9,95 for the iPod Touch (both generations).
  • A new iPhone, called the iPhone 3G S, is going to be launched in the US on the 19th of June and on the 9th of August in 80 other countries. The new version has a faster CPU, better battery, 3.0 megapixel camera with auto focus, white balance, macro and video caputure at 30 FPS.
  • Safari 4. This one is now available for both Mac OS X 10.4 and Windows.

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Firmware updates for Late 2008 Macbooks released

December 11, 2008

Apple has released 2 firmware updates for the late 2008 models of the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. The 1st update is for the EFI and the 2nd update for the SMC (you need to run the Software Updater again after the 1st update).

Note: When the Macbook reboots during the EFI update, you could hear a loud beep. This is normal behaviour.

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Apple release update for glass Trackpad Macbooks

November 18, 2008

Apple has released a firmware update for the glass Trackpad on the new generation Macbook and Macbook Pro. Many users had reported an issue where the Trackpad didn’t recognize the input regularly.

The update can be installed through Software Update, and the actual installation of the firmware update requires the Macbook to be connected to AC power.

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MacBook vs MacBook Pro Benchmarks

October 31, 2008

Over at Gizmondo they’ve put the latest Macbook and Macbook pro head to head in a graphics death match! which seems unfair to considering the spec differences! But it does give you a nice overview if torn between the two.

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Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive For The Macbook

October 16, 2008

Price at $289, its pretty expensive yes but it looks cool! This slick black and white looking external blu-ray drive should compliment the new Apple Macbook perfectly. It allows you to burn both blu-ray and DVDs, so you can do pretty much what you want it, be it backup large amounts of data or just play movies etc. The thing I like most is that its USB powered, so no need to carry an adaptor, thoughts?

The Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive supports on the Quiet Drive Technology reduces the noise level of audio and video playback while also delivering increased writing reliability. Liquid Crystal Tilt/Blur Compensator plays and records to discs more reliably – the ad Research technology that compensates for warped discs. Dual/Double Layer recording provides nearly twice the capacity of a single layer recordable Blu-ray-R (25 Gbytes vs. 50 Gbytes).

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Apple Updates Macbook Series And Soon The iMac 24inch

October 14, 2008

Apple has released updates for Macbook, Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air. The iMac 24inch is set for a update in November 2008 and will be available in glossy black, which BTW looks amazing! As does the new glossy black Macbook, it appears to have gotten the best of the updates e.g. improved build quality, better batter life, LED screen, jump for a more detailed look at the apple blog.

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Mac OS X Security Update 2008-007

October 9, 2008

Just in case you missed it, today Apple has released an security update for OSX 10.5.5, fixing the usual vulnerabilities and bugs. Jump for the list of fixes includes in this update.

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Could this be the new Macbook Pro for 2008?

September 17, 2008

A third-party T-Mobile retailer in Germany have reported the below image as beging an real rendering of the new Apple MacBook Pro. But it seems to lack any credibility, as there are no spec changes as its identically to the current Macbook Pro specs.

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Apple iPhone firmware 2.1 has fixed everything?

September 15, 2008

According to Gizmondo, the latest iPhone firmware 2.1 has fixed a significant amount of issue but still has issues with 3G speeds. I’ve yet to update mine so unable to give my on opinions on the new update but would definitely agree with the lag issue during SMS writing which is a pain sometimes! (firmware 2.0)

Apple iPhone keyboard

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