Lian Li Modular Cube Case Review

Posted June 12th, 2006 at 4:04 PM by Sniper

if you’re looking for a high quality modular computer case then look no further because I think I might have just found it! Introducing the Lian Li Server Cube! Having owned the Lian Li V1000B since last year, I was quite bored with it, so I started looking for a case which would be eye catching and perform well with air cooling while maintaining a quite working environment.

Now the last case to really catch my eye was the Cooler Master 110 but that was quite some time ago now. During my search I was looking for a cube case, so I was surprised to find a cube made by Lian Li since I wasn’t aware of any made my Lian Li at the time. (I do believe they have a mini cube coming out soon)


Now, I like the idea of having two sides to a case, which this case offers. Also a case that required minimum or no modding to add water cooling in the future if so desired by the end user. This case offers that option by proving a number of optional accessories.

Please Note: This case is only manufactured by Lian Li but not designed by them, as I have been in contact with the designers of the case. That’s the reason it won’t be listed on Lian Li’s website, its not a official product! who sell the case, will not ship internationally but only in Norway, they have asked any possibly distributors to contact them if they are interested in providing this case to their customers. All high quality pictures courtesy of[/i]

First let’s look at the specifications

  • Dimensions – 515 x 458 x 460 mm
  • Construction Material – Aluminium
  • Weight – 8,15 kg
  • Drive Bays – 18 x 5.25”
  • Cooling – 2 x 80 mm, 3 x 120mm Exhausts
  • Front Mounted Ports – 2 x USB, 1 x Firewire, 2 x Audio
  • Motherboard – Up to full size ATX

External Design

Bellow you see the case in full view, as you can see it’s quite a stunning masterpiece, well I think anyway. The build quality is the same high quality we have come to expect from Lian Li manufactured cases.

front of lian li cube case

At the rear of the case on the top, in the middle, there is a removable plate 200 x 348 mm in size, this provides good clearance to allow for water cooling and modding if so you desire.


At the top there’s the power button, followed by the Power/HDD leds and then the reset button. At the bottom you have the typical input/output ports that Lian Li have started to implement in their cases.

buttons inputs

In order to have access to the drive bays, first you need to take the front of the case off. This is the easy part, as with very little force is required, it simply just comes off when you place your hands on the top and the bottom of the front panel and pull at the same time.

You need to be careful though, not to hold it from the pull of points, as it can come off while you carry the case. Here you can see how it looks under the front panel, with 18 x 5.25” bezels in view, which look like standard Lian Li bezels.

logo frontoff

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One Response to “Lian Li Modular Cube Case Review”

  1. Travis Piper on July 11th, 2009 4:39 AM

    I love this case design, I’m going to get one pretty soon, I also like how it has plenty of fetures. I’m getting one for server use.

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