Reactor The First Liquid Submersed System

Posted October 28th, 2008 at 8:08 PM by Swansen

Hardcore Computer Inc has created the worlds first production, fully liquid submersed system, called . Yeah, its obviously not the first time this has been done, its just the first time some one has marketed it. I dunno, i guess its pretty cool, and it doesn’t really say in the article, but it looks to me like the various components are hooked up to water cooling system, only submersed?

They obviously have it all thought out, but if i were to go about making a submersed system, i would just get some large passive heatsinks and call it good right?

Total Liquid Submersion allows sustainable over achievement. No instability, no overheating, no drama. We designed the entire Reactor system to attain and preserve maximum performance.

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