Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive For The Macbook

Posted October 16th, 2008 at 11:11 PM by Sniper

Price at $289, its pretty expensive yes but it looks cool! This slick black and white looking external blu-ray drive should compliment the new Apple Macbook perfectly. It allows you to burn both blu-ray and DVDs, so you can do pretty much what you want it, be it backup large amounts of data or just play movies etc. The thing I like most is that its USB powered, so no need to carry an adaptor, thoughts?

The Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive supports on the Quiet Drive Technology reduces the noise level of audio and video playback while also delivering increased writing reliability. Liquid Crystal Tilt/Blur Compensator plays and records to discs more reliably – the ad Research technology that compensates for warped discs. Dual/Double Layer recording provides nearly twice the capacity of a single layer recordable Blu-ray-R (25 Gbytes vs. 50 Gbytes).

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