LG launches W2271TC 22 inch webcam monitor

Posted September 22nd, 2008 at 9:09 PM by Sniper

Today, LG announced their latest monitor the “LG W2271TC”, its pretty looking monitor with a in-built webcam, microphone and speakers, which helps to reduces wire clutter! The screen has black glossy frame and electric blue power button, nice huh!

LG W2271TC Webcam Monitor

The monitor has a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, which should offer gamers and film viewers improved viewing experience. NOT only that you can use the webcam for video conferencing or just to mess around on MSN video messenger.

Key specifications of the W2271TC monitor:

  • DFC ratio: 20,000:1
  • 5ms response time
  • High resolution: 1680 x 1050
  • Brightness: 300 nits
  • 170 degree viewing angle

This definitely is a space saver and looks pretty, don’t you think? oh nearly forgot to mention, its been announced for the UK only, pricing and availability to be confirmed.


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